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Priscilla is a Franco-British freelance illustrator who graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA (hons) degree in Illustration, she completed her studies at Osaka Seikei University in Nagaokakyo in Kyoto prefecture. As she broadened her knowledge and skills in Nihon-ga during a period of 18 months, her love for Japan knew no bounds and continued to grow. Nihon-ga was a major breakthrough for Priscilla, it transformed her way of painting and she has since enjoyed experimenting with this technique and incorporating it in her creations.

"My passion is drawn from the beauty I find in nature, my experiences and encounters in life. Japan, its art and culture never cease to fascinate and inspire me, and I love the importance placed on the celebration of seasons like 'Hanami' (cherry blossom festival)."

In the aim of improving my art, I strive to explore different styles and techniques and progress in my art daily. You can follow my artistic adventures on my Blog and see new work updated on a regular basis.

If you like my style of work and are looking for someone to illustrate your stories, please get in touch here! I am open for collaborative projects and commissions.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope to hear from you!